Message from Felipe

Hi there. My name is Felipe Carreras, and I am the Owner/Operator of Tours on Tap LLC. I launched this company in August 2010 with a singular goal in mind: to get people as excited and passionate about local beer as I am.

Now is a great time for beer. Across the nation, and around the globe, people are exploring the world of beer and seeing how complex and diverse and wonderful beer can be. Here at Tours on Tap, we provide guides for that exploration. The best part is, we don't have to go far to find great beer. Right here in Arizona we have a number of breweries and brewers who have won medals at the Great American Beer Festival or World Beer Cup, very prestigious events for the beer industry.

Whether you're a seasoned beer lover looking to get acquainted with local brews and brewers, or someone who is still looking for a beer style to call your own, we hope you consider joining us for a tour. We take care of all the arrangements, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the great beer in front of you.

Hope to see you soon. Salud!