General FAQ
You got questions, we got answers. Let's see if they match.
Q: What is Tours on Tap?
A: We're a tour operator, based in Phoenix, AZ, specializing in brewery tours. We offer educational, private group tours to local breweries, beer bars and brewpubs. We are not a travel agency, catering company or party bus service.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Tours on Tap started offering tours in August 2010.

Q: I want to check out Oktoberfest in Germany. Can I book that trip through you?
A: We'd love to go to Oktoberfest as well. Unfortunately, we are not that type of tour company. We currently only offer tours in Phoenix, AZ. Our plans are to expand out to cover the entire state, and eventually the entire Southwest, but we do not currently offer packages outside of Phoenix.

Q: What's your favorite beer?
A: This is probably the question we're asked the most. Our standby answer is "the one in front of me", but that's not a real answer. The truth is that we've been fortunate enough to enjoy a number of great beers, and each one has had its time and place. We believe that there's a perfect beer for every moment. Also, beer preference is highly personal. What we think of as a "great beer" may taste terrible to you and vice versa.

Q: What's a Cicerone?

A: In short, a Certified Cicerone™ is the beer world's equivalent of a sommelier. It's a designation earned by passing several exams and demonstrating an advanced knowledge of beer. Our resident Certified Cicerone™ and founder, Felipe Carreras, doesn't consider himself a beer expert, but more of a guide. The word "cicerone" is actually an old English word meaning "guide to antiquities". Although your guide may not know everything about beer, this certification shows he knows a lot.

You can find out more information about Cicerones and the certification program at

If you have questions that aren't answered here, don't hesitate to email us at, or use our online form.