What to expect on a beer tour
All tours are different, but here's a sample itinerary
Pick Up
Our motorcoach picks you up at the location your group designated (for public tours, we meet at a common area). After check-in, we head out to our first brewery. On the way, our guide will give a brief overview of what beer is, and how it's made.
Brewery #1
At our first brewery, we get a closeup look at how beer is brewed. With a tour of the facility, and an explanation by brewery personnel, we learn about the processes and equipment used in brewing beer. Afterward, we get to sample the end result. This is a great chance to add light appetizers.
Bus to Brewery #2
Now that we have an understanding of what beer is, and how it's made, we move on to discuss the various flavors found in beer. We also explore key concepts in pairing beer with food, and discuss classic pairings.
Brewery #2
Our stop at the second brewery begins with a tour of the facility. Having toured one brewery already, we have the chance to compare and contrast equipment and techniques. Lunch is then provided, with an emphasis on food and pairings, so we can see how the strategies we discussed on the bus are applied. Beer samples are also provided.
Bus to Brewery #3
With a full stomach and a quenched thirst, we board the bus to Brewery #3. In transit, we discuss the various beer styles produced by commercial breweries, paying special attention to those styles most frequently brewed by local craft brewers.
Brewery #3
At our final stop, beer takes center stage as we sample a variety of beer styles and discuss similarities and differences among them. Here, we also discuss strategies to selecting beers (decoding the beer list) and recommending beers to our friends and family.
Bus to Meeting Point
Our last bit of time together... The ride back to the meeting point is an open forum for questions.
Sample tour only
The tour described here is just for illustration purposes. We always customize our tours to meet your group's unique needs, tastes, and preferences.