Beer tour FAQ
Q: What is a beer tour?
A: A beer tour is one of the best ways to learn about beer. You get to go behind-the-scenes at local breweries, beer bars, brewpubs and more and meet the people responsible for getting beer to you. Beer tours are so much more than a brief walk-through of the brewery, or a hasty description of a beer sampler from a server. You will meet senior staff from the brewery, often the brewer himself, and be able to ask questions. Also, you will be accompanied by a trained and knowledgeable guide.

Q: When is your next tour?
A: When you want it! We do occasionally offer public tours, but the best way to enjoy one of our beer tours is to book a private group tour. Please provide at least three weeks notice so we can customize the experience to meet your needs.

Q: How many people can you take on a tour?
A: We host groups of up to 30 people. Our standard packages are priced with a minimum group size of 10, but if you have a smaller group, call us. Additional charges may apply to cover the cost of transportation, but we'll figure something out.

Q: Where does the bus pick-up and drop-off?
A: For our private tours, you decide! We will pick up you and your group at the location of your choosing, including: your office, your hotel, your neighborhood activity center, even your home. Arrangements will be made prior to the tour, and all efforts will be taken to accommodate your request.

Q: How much beer will I get on this tour? Will I get wasted??
A: The amount of beer consumed varies by tour, mostly because of the number of stops. At each stop, you will sample a minimum of 5 different beers. These samples are 4-5 oz. tasters. In addition, you are normally provided with a full beer during any included meal. On a typical 2 stop tour, you would drink the equivalent of about 4 full size beers.

We want to emphasize that these tours are not about getting drunk. Although we have a good time, and sample many fine beers, the purpose of our tours is beer education and appreciation, not intoxication.

Q: Can I bring my own beer on the bus?
A: Yes! You can bring your own beer on the bus, and we do have coolers on board to keep it cool. Please note that glass containers are not allowed, but we will be happy to pour your beer into a plastic cup for you.

Q: Can I smoke on the bus?
A: No. Arizona and Federal law prohibits smoking while on the bus, and Arizona law further prohibits smoking indoors. Please note that our company policy also prohibits the use of "electric cigarettes" or "e-cigarettes" onboard the bus.

Q: Are your tours family friendly?
A: All tour participants must be 21 years or older.

Q: What should I wear on the tour?
A: Comfort first! Even though we are in Arizona, and the weather is pretty much hot or warm, we recommend you bring a light jacket if you are prone to get cold. Our bus can cool down pretty quick. We also recommend you wear comfortable, close-toed shoes. We will be standing quite a bit during the brewery tours, and they are working industrial facilities.

Q: Is there a bathroom on the bus?
A: Depending on the size of the group, there may be a bathroom on board. We use 50 passenger motorcoaches for groups of 18 or more, and these are equipped with bathrooms. There typically isn't more than 30 minutes drive time between any two stops, however we can make a "pit stop" if needed. Also, your guide will give ample warning before leaving each stop to give you a chance to use the bathroom first.